Sunday, January 24, 2010

dahsyat sih... jeles bangat...

assalamualaikum...berita hangat!!sila bace ye!!~

Kieron Williamson kneels on the wooden bench in his small kitchen, takes a pastel from the box by his side and rubs it on to a piece of paper.
"Have you got a picture in your head of what you're going to do?" asks his mother, Michelle.
"Yep," Kieron nods. "A snow scene."
Because it is winter at the moment, I ask.
Do you know how you want it to come out?
And does it come out how you want it to?
"Sometimes it does."
Like many great artists, small boys are not often renowned for their loquaciousness. While Kieron Williamson is a very normal seven-year-old who uses his words sparingly, what slowly emerges on the small rectangle of paper in his kitchen is extraordinarily eloquent.
This month, Kieron's second exhibition in a gallery in his home town of Holt, Norfolk, sold out in 14 minutes. The sale of 16 new paintings swelled his bank account by £18,200. There are now 680 people on a waiting list for a Kieron original. Art lovers have driven from London to buy his work. Agents buzz around the town. People offer to buy his schoolbooks. The starting price for a simple pastel picture like the one Kieron is sketching? £900.
Kieron lives with his dad Keith, a former electrician, his mum, who is training to be a nutritionist, and Billie-Jo, his little sister, in a small flat overlooking a petrol station. When I arrive on a Saturday afternoon, Kieron and Keith are out. When Kieron returns in football socks and shorts, I assume he has been playing football. But no, he has been replenishing his stock of pastels in Holt, a chichi little place where even the chip shop has grainy portraits for sale on its walls.

From Jan Lievens to Millais, there have been plenty of precocious geniuses in the art world. Excitable press coverage has compared Kieron to Picasso, who painted his first canvas, The Picador, aged eight.
"We don't know who Picasso is really," says Keith.
"I know who Picasso is," interrupts Kieron. "I don't want to become Picasso."
Who would he like to become? "Monet or Edward Seago," he says.
These days, however, we are often suspicious of child prodigies. We wonder if it is all their own work, or whether their pushy parents have hot-housed them. People who don't know the Williamsons might think Kieron is being cleverly marketed, particularly when they hear that Keith is now an art dealer.
The truth is far more innocent. Two years ago, a serious accident had forced Keith to stop work and turn his hobby – collecting art – into an occupation. The accident also stopped Keith racing around outside with his son. Confined to a flat with no garden, surrounded by paintings and, like any small boy, probably influenced by his dad, Kieron decided to take up drawing. Now, father and son are learning about art together.
Kieron is rubbing yellows and greys together for his sky. "There's some trees going straight across and then there's a lake through the centre," he explains. Is this picture something you have seen or is it in your imagination? "I saw it on the computer and every time I do the picture it changes." he says, handling his pastels expertly.
Keith ducks into the kitchen and explains that Kieron finds pictures he likes on the internet. Rather than an exact copy, however, he creates his own version. This winter scene is imagined from an image of the Norfolk Broads in summer.

At first, Kieron's art was pretty much like any other five-year-old's. But he quickly progressed and was soon asking questions that his parents couldn't answer. "Kieron wanted to know the technicalities of art and how to put a painting together," says Michelle. Hearing of Kieron's promise, one local artist, Carol Ann Pennington, offered him some tips. Since then, he has had lessons with other Norfolk-based painters, including Brian Ryder and his favourite, Tony Garner.
Garner, a professional artist, has taught more than 1,000 adults over the last few decades and Kieron, he says, is head and shoulders above everyone. "He doesn't say very much, he doesn't ask very much, he just looks. He's a very visual learner. If I did a picture with most students, they will copy it but Kieron is different. He will copy it and then he will Kieronise it," he says. "It might be a bit naive at the moment but there's a lovely freshness about what he does. The confidence that this little chap has got – he just doesn't see any danger."
Garner says his parents have been brilliant at shielding Kieron from the business side and the pressure this invariably brings. Keith and Michelle are extremely proud, and protective, and perhaps slightly in awe of their son. They insist that Kieron only paints when he wants to.
"We judge ourselves every day, wondering whether we are making the right choices," says Michelle. "Kieron is such a strong character you wouldn't get him to do anything he didn't want to do anyway. It's a hobby. Some could argue he's got such a talent, why aren't we doing more for him in terms of touring galleries every weekend. We are a family and we've got Billie-Jo to consider; you've got to strike a balance."

With all the people wanting paintings, I ask Kieron if he feels he has to do them. He says no.
So you only paint when you want to? "Yep."
Do you have days when you feel you don't want to paint?
So you only do it when you're in the mood?
How many paintings or drawings do you do each week? One or two? "About six."
Is he a perfectionist? "You've got a bit of an artist's temperament, haven't you?" says Michelle, softly, as Kieron continues wielding his pastels. "You get really frustrated if it doesn't work out. You punched a hole in the canvas once, didn't you?"
That was rare. Sometimes, however, Kieron will produce "what we classify as a bag of trosh," says Michelle. "He's just got to go through the motions. It's almost as if it's a release. It's difficult to explain – it's the process that he enjoys, because there are days when he is not really focused on his work but he just enjoys doing it."
Sometimes, when they have taken Kieron out on painting trips in the countryside, the little boy has had other ideas: he has gone off and played in the mud or a stream. He is still allowed to be seven years old.
What do his school friends think? Are they impressed? "Yep." A few ­ moments later, Kieron pauses. "I am also top of the class in maths, English, geography and science," he says carefully, rubbing the sky in his picture.
Kieron explains he is sticking to landscapes for now but plans to paint a portrait of his 98-year-old nan when she turns 100. What does he think about people spending so much money on his paintings? "Really good." Would he like to be a professional painter? "Yep." So he doesn't want to be a footballer when he is older? "I want to be a footballer and a painter."
Kieron enjoys playing football and, like his dad, supports Leeds United ("I haven't ever pushed him into it," says Keith quickly). What other things does Kieron like doing? "You played on the Xbox but then you got bored of it didn't you?" says Keith.
"You said I could have it out when Christmas comes," says Kieron.
"You can have it out in the holidays," promises Michelle. "He's a bit all-or-nothing with whatever he does, like the artwork. You have to pull the reins in a bit because otherwise he'd be up all night."
What would his parents say if Kieron turned around and told them he was not going to paint any more? "Leave him to it. As long as he's happy. At the end of the day, he's at his happiest painting," says Keith. "It's entirely his choice," says Michelle. "We don't know what's around the corner. Kieron might decide to put his boxes away and football might take over and that would be entirely his choice. We're feeling slightly under pressure at the moment because there is such a waiting list of people wanting Kieron's work, but I'm inclined to tell them to wait, really."
I doubt many artists could paint or draw while answering questions and being photographed but Kieron carries on. When he finishes, we lean over to look. "Not bad. That's nice," says Keith, who can't watch Kieron at work; I wonder if it is because he is worried about his son making a mistake but Keith says he just prefers to see the finished article.
"Is it as good as the one I did this morning or better?" asks Kieron.
"What do you think?" replies Keith. "It's got a nice glow on it, hasn't it?"
Kieron nods.
I would love one of his pictures but, I tell Kieron, he is already too expensive for me. "I can price one down for you," he says, as quick as a flash.
No, no, I couldn't, I say, worried I would be exploiting a little boy who is eager to please. I thank him for his time and hand him my business card. And Kieron trots into his bedroom, comes out with his business card and says thank you back.

Kieron's tips for landscape painting
1 "Go on holiday to where you really want to go, and be inspired."
2 "Start with acrylics, then watercolours, then pastels and then oils"
3 When you set out to do a landscape, "start with the sky first, top to bottom."
4 "When you do distance, it's lighter, and when you do foreground it comes darker."
5 "If you're doing a figure in the winter, do a brown head, leave a small gap, do a blue jacket and brown legs. Then with the gap get a red pastel and do a flick of red so it looks like a scarf."
6 "Keep on painting.
kalau nak tau lebih lanjut sila layari...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


assalamualaikum..lama dah tunggu...ade website hasut ana sepanjang ana tak tulis blog nih...(facebook)...memang lame dah tak tulis blog...tgh main game dekat facebook..tetibe teringat dekat blog...seperti gambar di atas... ana nak cerita waktu ana jenguk program nih..

pagi tu...ana tengah main game...pastu kakak ana naik...loh!!!katenye...cepat lah ..!!!boleh lagi main game(dotA)...loh pon pergi ke program tu (dekat sekolah..)...tetibe kakak ana cakap dekat ana dan berkate...

yam: adek nak pergi tak program tu..

ana: program mane lak nih??

yam: alaa..program 'FINDING NEMO' tuh...tak tahu ke??

ana: o0o!!!nak2!!tapi nak tengok je..

yam: ok..

ana: kena mandi ke??

yam: ye lah!!ingatkan dah mandi..(katenye didalam hati)..

so.. ana pon mandi lah sambil menyanyi...bile ana dah selesai mandi ... ana tengok sekeliling..mane semua orang pergi??(takut sikit)...pastu ana pon panggil kakak ana dengan sekuat hati sebanyak dua kali...kakak ana pon jawab: ye!!!! and then..kitorang pon pergi...

datang2...diorang tgh main baling belon kebelakang..andthen orang belakang tuh kena sambut..pastu..diorang pon masuk dewan untuk memulakan sesi taaruf(ye kot..)..dan menjawab soalan yang diberi..pastu diorang semua pergi..

rupe2 nye diorang nak buat ikan bakar...mula lah..and yang cabut insang..ade yang sapu(kunyit kot..hehe)...ade yang siang ikan..dan macam2 lah...dan yang paling penting sekali kalau nak buat ikan bakar mesti kena bakar..takkan pijak ikan tuh...(merepek)..

dari sudut lain ade yang tengah main water rocket...cari kisah pasal ikan dalam quran....haa!!!mase yang ditunggu2..haha..iaitu...MAKAN IKAN BAKAR!!ana tak makan ...tapi dengar cerita sedap...(ye ke??)...pastu ana terus balik rumah...dan minum air sebanyak dua gelas...gulp2..ahh..lega..ana tak dapat tengok siapa yang dapat jadi juara...tapi minta maaf sangat2 ye~


::cerita tidak dapat diterus kan lagi disebabkan ayah penulis suruh penulis tidur...::


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


assalamualaikum...usamah dah kembali untuk menulis post yang agak pelik....lama jugak tak tulis blog....akhirnya....

ILHAM: tembam...gebu macam marshmallow...(mak die cakap..)....suka main air....suka tengok UPIN&IPIN.....kalau tengok TV...die tak suka tengok cerita....iklan yang die suka....pipi die...ARRGGHHH...macam bantal...selalu bangun pukul sembilan...kadang-kadang...pukul lapan sebab ayah cik die kejutkan die...suka makan kentang....biskut ayam...

FIDAA'': pipi die lembut....senang cerita seluruh badan die lembut....banyak muscle....suka bukak almari kabinet yang ada pinggan mangkuk....suka orang dukong die....rambut die panjang...selalu bangun awal kot...suka makan nasi...kentang..(ragu-ragu)...

Friday, November 27, 2009

macam kena hasut!!!

assalamualaikum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh...sudah berbulan-bulan tidak menulis blog...akhirnya diingatkan oleh kakakku,marhamah...buat berjuta-juta kali...tapi... macam malas jugak nak tulis...

sudah banyak perhatian sekarang nih...facebook diantara nya yang ana main...didalam facebook ade banyak game....FARMVILLE....HAPPY PETS...BARN BUDDY...FISHVILLE...tapi semuanya best jugak....

FARMVILLE:game untuk menanam contohnya,dah ambik hasil...kita kena plow...lepas plow baru boleh tanam....pastu dapat hasil balik...macam gitu laa kiranya 'life circlenya'.....tapi...kalau lambat ambik...mati....mak ana pon sebenarnya marah jugak main bende tuh...hehe...macam kena hasut!!

HAPPY PETS:game untuk membela jugak...boleh gosok belakang dia....boleh bagi makan..boleh tolong orang punye kucing...macam kena hasut!!!

BARN BUDDY:game untuk menanam jugak!!tapi tak best...^~^...boleh ambik hasil yang tak mati-mati....tanah dia pon besar-besar...pastu boleh spray racun daripada binatang yang yang akan rosakkan tanaman...BARN BUDDY TAK BEST!!!

FISHVILLE:game untuk bela ikan...boleh bagi makan...tapi kalau tak jual ikan tuh cepat-cepat...maka matilah ikan itu...hehe...boleh bersihkan tangki...tapi kalau bace macam nih...rasenye tak best.....



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

yang berlaku raya ni...

1)ketika pergi rumah buyut,semua dapat duit raya...(ana tak dapat sebab mungkin dia lupa kot..)

2)raya ni ana tak nampak ramai orang main mercun...

3)lepas balik kampung...(kelantan ngan johor)duit raya yang terdapat dalam dompet ana adalah sebanyak RM60....

4)tahun tak raya rumah jiran...jiran pon tak raya rumah....

5)tahun ni raya balik dua-dua kampung...(sebab abang ana 'naufal' nak pergi london)...

6)duit ana sebanyak RM60 hilang di dalam van...

7)handphone motorola abang ana 'azzam' pon hilang dalam van jugak....


Friday, September 25, 2009

HaRi - RayA - TahuN - 2009 ~

Eid Fitr kali ini agak bermakna buat ana. Mungkin kerana merasakan diri tidak layak tersenyum, mengurangkan lagi kemeriahan Eid yang digalakkan untuk semua ummat Islam untuk bergembira??

Eid kali ini juga bakal memenatkan ana. Huhu.. Ana sekeluarga akan merantau satu semenanjung untuk mengunjungi sanak saudara.. Tahun ini ana beraya di Johor dan Kelantan.. Jauh bukan?? Hujung ke hujung.. But it worth.. I dare to say that!!!

Ana sekeluarga meraikan Eid Fitr di rumah. Sudah kali yang keberapa, ana sendiri sudah terlupa. Selesai mendengar khutbah yang disampaikan oleh YB kawasan ana yang disampaikan di Masjid Jame' Al-Hasanah, Bangi.. kami ke rumah realtive yang terdekat which is at Kajang.. Huhu.. Masih terasa cheese macaroni yang disajikan.. Yum2..

Solat Zuhr dan Asar dilakukan secara jama'. Alhamdulillah.. Pengembaraan Eid bermula. Hehe.. Keluar dari tol Bangi.. keadaan lalu lintas masih lancar.. Sampai di Nilai.. Erk!! Traffic jam.. Sampai ke Seremban.. Selepas itu, lalu lintas kembali normal. Keadaan bertukar menjadi sesak semula bila kami sampai di Yong Peng.. huhu.. Kenderaan beratur bermula dari susur keluar sehingga ke kawasan tol.. Alhamdulillah.. kurang yang menggunakan laluan Touch n Go.. hehe..

Berbezanya Eid kali ini, kami hanya berziarah ke rumah the elder.. Huhu.. Ziarah kami dipermudahkan. Rupa2nya most of our relative dah berkumpul di sebuah rumah. Ada perhimpunan keluarga sebelah mak ayah ana.. Huhu.. Memang sempit sedikit. Tapi, best!! Yang x pernah kenal pon ada jugak.. Mana x nya.. 5 generasi berhimpun. Bermula dari generasi datuk kepada ayah ana hingga kepada cucu ayah ana. Huhu.. Subhanallah.. Dahsyatkan perancangan Tuhan??

Time perhimpunan 5 generasi.. huhu.. Semua dapat duit raya.. Ayah ana pon dapat jugak.(kecuali ana...mungkin lupa...hehe..)

Hari Eid yang kedua kami pulang semula ke Bangi. Hehe.. Penat?? Penat juga.. tapi puas!! Banyak dapat duit raya... hehe.. kaya ana...(baru 60 ringgit...dah perasan dah...).Tapi belum termasuk yang raya dekat rumah jiran...hehe..

Owh ya.. Sedikit bingkisan keluarga ana pergi berziarah..

Ini pakcik kepada ayah ana + his wife. Huhu..(ana letak gambar ni sebab ana dah ada dalam van...)

My grandpa with his great grandson(anak sedara ana.. Ahmad Fidaa')

Yang dipintu tu adalah adik beradik kepada nenek ayah ana.. Huhu.. Try teka umur dia..

My nephew.. hehe.. bila dia x faham apa yang kitorang borakkan..

p/s : YB kata dalam khutbah.. Semua fakir dan miskin di kawasan Bangi sudah diberi bantuan sebelum Eid menjelma.. Alhamdulillah.. Sedikit kelegaan buat ana kerana kegembiraan kali ini dikongsikan bersama. Tahniah buat YB Dr. Shafie..


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Orang yang kuatbukanlah yang boleh mengalahkan(lawannya).Tetapi orang yang boleh menguasai dirinya disaat marah"

Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan memandang kepada paras rupa kamu dan harta kamu.Tetapi dia memandang kepada hati kamu dan amalan kamu.

Monday, September 7, 2009


mula-mula pegang sikit-sikit

pastu Ilham makin excited..

dah mula ambil kesempatan ke atas Fidaa'

ana letak benda cam gini sebab bila ana bukak blog kakak ana,ana tertengok benda gelak terbahak-bahak sebab benda nih lawak sangat...dan nak bagi korang terhibur...

3R...remaja raikan Ramadhan....

Korang menyesal dengan pencapaian Ramadhan anda setakat ini? Hairan bagaimana sahabat-sahabat anda yang lain mampu menghidupkan ramadhan mereka? Ingin tahu bagaimana??

Jom sertai kami!! Ramadhan Rocks!!! Yeah!!

p/s : First come first served. Tarikh tutup penyertaan adalah pada hari khamis(10 September 2009). Rebutlah peluang ini demi mendapatkan Ramadhan yang lebih Gilang Gemilang!!

RM5 sahaja....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ramadhan tahun nie&cerite mercun...hurm..

assalamualaikum buat pembaca yang masih mahu membaca blog saya yang tak seberapa nih...sebab dah lama tak tulis blog kan...berkurun kot...hehe..tahun nih ramadhan tak same dengan tahun lepas...dulu punya ramadhan lagi best...

dulu,waktu nak bukak puasa , mesti bukak puasa ramai-ramai...kalau tahun nih.... empat lima orang jer...kalau solat tarawih tetap same cam tahun lepas...kalau ikut tahun lepas.....lepas solat tarawih jer mesti main mercun kat rumah jiran...minta izin kat ayah kata nak main bunga api jer... padahal main mercun... bunga api main jugak..hehe..citer terlawak waktu main mercun...

pada suatu malam... selepas solat tarawih...kelihatan lapan orang bermain mercun/bunga api...orang yang sedang bermain bunga api itu sedang berborak dengan orang lain...kelihatan juga satu kotak mercun naga...api bunga api melimpah kena kat kotak mercun tuh...kotak mercun tuh pon terbakar...api tuh pon sampai kat mercun tuh and then meletup laa....orang nak bakar satu-satu...daa letup semua dah...yang ade debu jer...alhamdulillah semua orang sempat melarikan diri...hahahaha...tak lawak ker???takpelah...camtu jer...

agak panjang jugak author ni tulis....dah dah letih tangan...


Sunday, July 5, 2009


Assalamualaikum...ramadhan dah dekat...pembaca-pembaca ni buat ape untuk sambut RAMADHAN???nati jangan lupa tulis kat CBOX yer nanti.... kitorang sekeluarga tahun lepas memang syok lah sambut ramadhan...macam -macam kitorang gantung kat rumah....Ramadhan Flyers ada,Countdown untuk ramadhan ada ,Bannner untuk sambut ramadhan pon ade...rasenye budak-budak sekolah AL-AMIN jer yang pernah nampak...(sorry...termasuk jiran...)tapi,tahun ni kakak ana dengan abang ipar ana ade jual barang - barang untuk sambut ramadhan...
kepada yang berminat, sila layari kakak ana yang tulis...nak promote kat blog orang pulek....hehe...)

siape yang tak berminat, boleh laa reka sendiri barang untuk sambut ramadhan... kan lagi elok kalau kite semua sambut ramadhan bersungguh - sungguh daripada raya....ramadhan lagi banyak pahala kalau kita kerja kannya dengan bersungguh-sungguh...tapi rasenye ramadhan lagi best daripada jelah yang ana nak sampaikan kat post ni...dah buntu den...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hadiah Untuk Bilal

This is my third drawing.

Guided by my sister Maryam. Took about 1 week to finish it huhu -_-

Lukisan ini adalah hadiah untuk abang saya Bilal - sebagai balasan kepada hadiah keychain yang dikirim. Keychain itu telah pun saya gantung di beg sekolah baru saya. Kenapa saya beli beg sekolah baru? Sebab beg saya dah koyak, buku sangat berat. Di atas keychain yang abang saya hadiahkan itu tertulis nama saya di dalam tulisan arab. Saya sangat suka hadiah itu. ^_^

Sunday, May 31, 2009

gambar yang ku menang waktu kat USJ...

assalamualaikum... kalau tengok kat CBox abang ana (bilal) nak sangat tengok gambar yang ana menang kat laa dier gambar yang ana menang tuh...hadiah dier dapat kaler Staedler besar satu,yang kecik molek pon ade...malas laa nak tunjuk gambar hadiah nya....sekarang nih cuti kerja nya berlatih mewarna je lah...kalau tengok betul-betul sebenarnya gambar tuh comot sikit...tah kenape lah tiba-tiba boleh menang...nasib memang menyebelahi aku...(padahal tak tahu pon ape maksud nyer)...camtu lah yang ana nak tulis...


Sunday, May 17, 2009

pertandingan mewarna di PKNS....

assalamualaikum...kalau nak tahu, pertandingan nih kalau dapat nombor tiga hingga nombor satu hadiah dia semua best best...eksyen! mula-mula...ana memang dah berazam untuk menang pertandingan mewarna nih...( ye kot?)...mula-mula rilek jer...maen game camtu lah... bila dah pukul sebelas pagi, baru nak mandi...pastu kakak ana panggil...USAMAH!!!cepat laa kemas barang! and then...turun bawah jap cari beg..."benda yang nak kena bawak hari nih tisu,surat khabar dan krayon..."ada laa jugak masa cari krayon....bile dah jumpa , tengok kat krayon tuh kotor sangat...kena laa bersih kan...pastu baru laa mandi...and then kol tiga pergi...bile sampai kat sana tengok ramai betul orang...cina ade melayu pon ade...ana skip kan tros lah...yang sedih nya semua cina menang...tak der chance dapat saguhati pon...alhamdullllillah.. dapat jugak hadiah...gambar kat atas tu lar hadiah nya... buku,botol dan tempat letak ais...camtulah ceritenye....kalau ada kekurangan sila beri komen yer...~